Who is the father of lord hanuman

In Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman is regarded as a deity who symbolizes strength, devotion, and loyalty. His tales of heroism and valor have been narrated for centuries in the epic Ramayana. He is known as the son of Kesari and Anjana, but there are several intriguing legends regarding his birth. In this article, we will explore the mysteries surrounding Lord Hanuman’s parentage and the tales that have been passed down through generations.

The Boon from Lord Shiva

One of the most popular legends surrounding Lord Hanuman’s parentage is that Sri Kesari and Anjana performed austerities to please Lord Shiva. As a reward for their devotion, Lord Shiva blessed them with a son who would be an incarnation of himself. This son was born as Hanuman, also known as Anjaneya.

The Birth through Yajna

Another popular legend regarding Lord Hanuman’s parentage is that he was born out of the sacred pudding of a Yajna. King Dasharatha of Ayodhya was performing the ritual of Putrakamesthi, which involves seeking the blessings of the gods for the birth of a son. He received the sacred pudding, which was meant to be consumed by his three queens – Kaushalya, Kaikeyi, and Sumitra. However, Sumitra accidentally dropped the bowl containing the pudding, and an eagle snatched it and flew away. The eagle dropped the bowl where Anjana was sitting, who consumed the pudding and gave birth to Hanuman.

The Twins of Sumitra

When Sumitra realized that she had lost the pudding, she was distressed. She confided in Kaushalya and Kaikeyi, who shared some of their pudding with her. As a result, Sumitra gave birth to two sons, Lakshmana and Shatrughna. However, both the twins were extremely restless and kept crying, causing Sumitra great distress. She consulted with everyone, but no one could offer a solution.

The Solution from Rishi Vasishtha

Rishi Vasishtha, the preceptor of the royal family, was aware of the secret of their birth. He suggested that Sumitra should place Lakshmana in Rama’s crib and Shatrughna in Bharata’s crib. As soon as she did so, the twins became calm, revealing that they were born from the same portion of the pudding and had a special bond.

The Curse of Narada

There is another fascinating legend that involves Narada, the sage, cursing Lord Vishnu. According to this legend, Narada asked Lord Vishnu to make him look like him, so he could win the hand of a princess for marriage. Vishnu granted his request, but Narada was mocked by the princess and her assembly. In retaliation, Narada cursed Vishnu that he would one day have to seek help from a monkey. This curse would prove to be significant as Lord Rama needed the help of Hanuman on several occasions.

The Role of Pawan Putra

Lord Hanuman is also known as Pawan Putra, which means the son of the Wind God. It is believed that the Wind God played a crucial role in Hanuman’s birth. The Wind God helped the eagle or the pudding itself to reach Anjana’s lap, thereby becoming instrumental in the birth of Lord Hanuman.


The stories surrounding the parentage of Lord Hanuman are fascinating and reveal the deep-rooted beliefs and traditions of Hindu mythology. From the boon of Lord Shiva to the curse of Narada, each legend offers a unique perspective on the birth of this beloved deity. Regardless of the story, Lord Hanuman remains a symbol of strength, devotion, and loyalty for millions of people worldwide

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