What Does the Bible Say About Psychics and Mediums


The topic of psychics and mediums has long intrigued humanity, sparking questions about the spiritual realm and our connection to it. Many individuals turn to religious texts, such as the Bible, to seek guidance on matters of spirituality. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the Bible’s stance on psychics and mediums, providing insightful and thought-provoking explanations that shed light on this often-misunderstood subject.

What Does the Bible Say About Psychics and Mediums?

The Bible addresses the concept of psychics and mediums, providing valuable insights that encourage a deeper understanding of these practices. While the Bible does acknowledge the existence of individuals with supernatural abilities, it also emphasizes the importance of discernment and the potential dangers of engaging with these practices.

The Role of Spiritual Discernment

In various passages, the Bible underscores the significance of spiritual discernment when encountering individuals claiming psychic or mediumistic abilities. The Book of 1 John 4:1 advises believers to “test the spirits” to determine whether they are from God. This implies that not all supernatural manifestations are aligned with divine forces, emphasizing the need for critical evaluation.

Prohibition Against Divination

Leviticus 19:31 clearly warns against seeking out mediums or practicing divination, stating, “Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them.” This prohibition signifies the potential spiritual harm that can arise from engaging with these practices. The Bible encourages individuals to turn to God for guidance rather than seeking supernatural insights through intermediaries.

Contacting the Deceased

The topic of contacting deceased loved ones through mediums has garnered attention in recent times. However, the Bible discourages attempts to communicate with the dead. Deuteronomy 18:11 explicitly condemns the practice of “consulting the dead.” This prohibition reflects the biblical perspective that such communication should be solely between the living and God.

Divine Guidance and Prophecy

While the Bible cautions against certain forms of supernatural practices, it also acknowledges the role of divine guidance and prophecy. Throughout the Old and New Testaments, God communicates with prophets, providing them with insights into future events. This contrasts with the self-serving nature of many psychic practices and highlights the Bible’s emphasis on seeking God’s wisdom.

The Danger of Deception

The Bible’s stance on psychics and mediums underscores the potential for deception. In Matthew 24:24, Jesus warns that false prophets and false messiahs will arise, performing signs and wonders to deceive. This cautionary message highlights the need for individuals to anchor their beliefs in divine truth rather than being swayed by seemingly miraculous occurrences.

FAQs About the Bible and Psychics

Are there any instances of psychics or mediums in the Bible?

Yes, the Bible mentions individuals with supernatural abilities. For instance, in the Book of Acts, a slave girl possessed the ability to predict the future. However, these instances serve to illustrate the need for discernment and the potential for manipulation by spiritual forces.

Can psychics accurately predict the future?

While some psychics claim to predict the future, the Bible encourages individuals to seek guidance from God and warns against relying solely on human predictions. The future is ultimately in God’s hands, and placing trust in human prognostications can lead to disappointment and spiritual vulnerability.

How should believers approach the topic of mediums?

Believers should approach the topic of mediums with caution and discernment. The Bible’s teachings emphasize seeking God’s guidance directly and avoiding practices that involve seeking knowledge from supernatural intermediaries. Developing a strong spiritual connection with God is of paramount importance.

Does the Bible support communicating with deceased loved ones?

No, the Bible discourages attempts to communicate with the dead through mediums. Such practices are considered an affront to God’s design and an invitation to deceptive spiritual influences. The Bible encourages believers to find solace and guidance through prayer and direct communion with God.

What is the biblical alternative to seeking psychic insights?

The biblical alternative to seeking psychic insights is cultivating a personal relationship with God through prayer, meditation, and studying His Word. The Bible offers a wealth of wisdom, guidance, and prophetic insights that believers can access by seeking God’s presence and direction.

Can supernatural abilities be used for good?

The Bible acknowledges the existence of supernatural abilities but underscores the importance of using them in alignment with God’s will. The gifts of the Spirit mentioned in the New Testament, such as prophecy and healing, are intended to serve the greater good and glorify God, rather than fulfilling personal desires.


In exploring what the Bible says about psychics and mediums, we discover a nuanced perspective that encourages believers to seek spiritual discernment, exercise caution, and prioritize a direct connection with God. The Bible’s teachings emphasize the potential dangers of engaging with supernatural practices while highlighting the availability of divine guidance through prayer, prophecy, and a deep relationship with God. As individuals navigate questions about psychics and mediums, they are invited to draw closer to the source of ultimate truth and wisdom—the teachings of the Bible.