Selena Gomez’s Impact on “13 Reasons Why”: A Passionate Journey

Selena Gomez, known for her talent as both an actress and singer, has also made a mark in the world of television production. One of her notable projects is the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” Gomez’s involvement in the show has been significant, serving as an executive producer and contributing to the show’s soundtrack. Despite the controversy surrounding the series, Gomez remains passionate about its message and impact.

In this article, we will explore Gomez’s journey with “13 Reasons Why,” from her initial connection to the project to her ongoing involvement throughout the show’s four seasons. We will delve into the controversy surrounding the series and Gomez’s unwavering belief in its importance. Let’s take a closer look at Selena Gomez’s impact on “13 Reasons Why.”

The Genesis of “13 Reasons Why”

Gomez’s connection to “13 Reasons Why” began in 2009 when her mother, Mandy Teefey, discovered the book by Jay Asher. The novel resonated with them, and they set out to bring its story to life. Originally envisioned as a film, Gomez planned to star in the adaptation. However, as the project evolved, it transformed into a Netflix series, with Gomez transitioning into the role of executive producer.

Gomez’s Presence on Set and Behind the Scenes

Throughout the production of “13 Reasons Why,” Gomez made it a point to be actively involved. She frequently visited the set, engaging in discussions about character development and storylines with the cast and crew. Gomez’s commitment to the show extended beyond her executive producer title; she genuinely cared about the project and its impact on viewers.

Justin Prentice, who portrayed Bryce Walker on the show, attested to Gomez’s presence on set. He shared that Gomez would often join the cast for dinners and engage in conversations about the show’s development. Gomez’s dedication to the series was evident, and her involvement went beyond mere figurehead status.

Controversy Surrounding “13 Reasons Why”

“13 Reasons Why” faced significant controversy due to its portrayal of sensitive subjects such as suicide, sexual assault, and mental health issues. Critics raised concerns about the potential glamorization and romanticization of these topics. The graphic depiction of suicide in the first season, particularly the scene of Hannah Baker’s death, garnered significant backlash.

The show’s content prompted discussions about the potential negative impact on vulnerable viewers and the responsibility of the creators to handle these topics responsibly. Despite the criticism, the series also sparked important conversations about mental health and the challenges faced by young people today.

Gomez’s Unwavering Belief in the Show’s Message

Despite the controversy surrounding “13 Reasons Why,” Selena Gomez remains steadfast in her belief in the show’s message and purpose. She acknowledges the difficult and dark content but emphasizes the importance of addressing these issues honestly. Gomez understands that teenagers today are exposed to challenging realities, and she believes that discussing these topics authentically can lead to positive change.

In an interview with Billboard, Gomez expressed her passion for the project and her desire to make an impact through storytelling. She recognized the power of the show in raising awareness and encouraging conversations about difficult subjects. Gomez’s personal experiences and encounters with young people grappling with mental health issues further fueled her commitment to the show’s mission.

Gomez’s Creative Contributions to the Soundtrack

As an artist herself, Gomez made creative contributions to the “13 Reasons Why” soundtrack. She recorded a cover of Yazoo’s 1982 track “Only You” for the first season. The song perfectly captured the emotions and themes of the series. In addition, Gomez penned the song “Back to You,” which became a special project for her and was included in the second season’s soundtrack. These songs added depth and emotional resonance to the show’s narrative.

The Conclusion of “13 Reasons Why” and Gomez’s Future Endeavors

After four seasons, “13 Reasons Why” came to an end in June 2020. The show’s final season marked the culmination of the characters’ journeys and the resolution of the storylines. While Gomez’s involvement in the series played a crucial role, she has now moved on to other projects, including her music career and upcoming comedy series “Only Murders in the Building.”

Gomez’s impact on “13 Reasons Why” will always be remembered. Her dedication as an executive producer and her creative contributions to the soundtrack added depth and authenticity to the series. Despite the controversy surrounding the show, Gomez remains proud of its purpose and the conversations it sparked.

Conclusion: Gomez’s Lasting Impact

Selena Gomez’s involvement in “13 Reasons Why” was far more than just a celebrity attachment. She poured her passion into the project, using her platform to shed light on important issues. Despite the controversy and criticism, Gomez stood by the show’s message and believed in its potential to bring about positive change. As “13 Reasons Why” concluded, Gomez’s impact on the series will forever be remembered as a testament to her commitment to storytelling and raising awareness about difficult topics.