I Just Wanna Meet Whoever Made Love – A Reflection on the Wonder of Love

You know, love. That four-letter word that’s got more interpretations than a Picasso painting at a gallery opening. It’s a word that means so much to so many people. Love can bring us the greatest joy, but it can also be the source of our deepest pain. This enigmatic emotion feels like a mystery that we spend our whole lives trying to figure out. But have you ever stopped to think about where love comes from? Who made love, and why? While I’m as clueless as a fish in a tree about the complexities of love, I’m still captivated by the idea of understanding more about it. So, if I could meet whoever made love, I would have a few questions for them.

Why Does Love Feel Different For Everyone?

First up on my query list: why does love feel as varying as the weather? For some, love is a burning passion that sweeps them off their feet faster than a tornado in a trailer park. For others, it’s a quiet comfort that grows slowly over time, like moss on a tree. Why is it that love can feel so different depending on who you ask? Is it something in our biology? Our upbringing? Our favourite brand of tea? If I were given the chance to have a sit-down with the creator of love, I’d be all over this question like jam on toast.

Why do we fall in love with certain people?

Another conundrum I’d present to the creator of love is why we fall head over heels for the people we do. Why is it that some individuals are drawn to outgoing, extroverted partners, while others prefer someone more introverted and introspective? Why do some people fall head over heels for people who are similar to them, while others are attracted to people with vastly different personalities or backgrounds? Are there certain traits or qualities that make someone more likely to win someone else’s heart? If so, what are they?

How to keep love alive?

Undoubtedly on my list of “must-asks” is how to keep the flame of love burning bright. As we all know, the initial rush of falling in love can fade faster than a pop star’s 15 minutes of fame, and maintaining a lasting, healthy relationship takes about as much effort as constructing a Lego Taj Mahal. So, what are some secrets to keeping the flame of love burning bright? Are there certain things we can do to deepen our connection with our partner, like sharing a slice of cheesecake or taking long walks in the park? I’d love to hear the pearls of wisdom from Love’s creator.

The Purpose of Love

Lastly, I would love to ask the creator of love what they think the purpose of love is. Why did they create such a powerful force? Is it to help us connect with others, to help us learn more about ourselves, or to help us grow in some other way? As humans, we have always been fascinated by the power of love, but I often wonder if we are missing something important about what love is really for. I think that if we could better understand the purpose of love, we could live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.


In conclusion, while I’m aware I will probably never get the chance to meet whoever made love (unless I discover a hidden talent for inventing time machines), that doesn’t stop me from wanting to know more about it. Love is one of the most powerful forces in the world, and I believe that we can all benefit from trying to better understand it. Whether we are exploring the different ways love can feel, trying to figure out what makes us fall in love with certain people, or searching for ways to keep the spark of love alive, there is always more to learn about love. I hope that this reflection has sparked some curiosity in you as well, and that you, too, will take some time to ponder the wonder of love in all its many forms.