How to un pin someone on snapchat

How to un pin someone on snapchat: A step by step guide

The pinning feature of Snapchat allows users to prioritize certain conversations or chats, providing quick access to important contacts. But, there might come the time that you’d like to remove someone from your pinned list and unpin the person from your pinned list. If you’re unsure of how to proceed take this step-bystep guide to remove someone from your Snapchat.

1. Open Snapchat

Open Snapchat Snapchat application from your smartphone. Make sure that you are running the most recent version to enjoy an enjoyable experience.

2. Access Your Chat List

In the primary screen on Snapchat move to the right side to open to the list of chats. It is where all your conversations will be displayed.

3. Locate the Pinned Chat

Browse through your chats to locate the chat you wish to remove from your list. Pinned chats are identified by the thumbtack icon beside the name of the contact.

4. Long-Press the Chat

Hold the chat you want to remove. After a few seconds it will show a menu with options that are in relation to chat.

5. Select “Unpin”

Within the menu options You’ll find among the options is “Unpin” button. Click it to remove the chat. A confirmation prompt might appear to verify that you wish to continue with the process. Make sure you confirm your decision to remove the chat.

6. Chat Moves to Regular List

After you have successfully unpinned the chat it will be moved from the pinned area to the normal table of chats. The chat will no longer display an icon of a thumbtack.

7. Repeat if Needed

If you have several chats that you would like to remove from the list, follow the steps from 4 to 6, for each one you want to take off from the pin list.

8. Customization Options

Snapchat provides additional customization options in your conversation list. You can hold down a chat, and then choose to “Delete,” “Archive,” or “Rename” the conversation according to your preferences.

With these easy steps, you’ll be able to remove someone’s pin on Snapchat and eliminate them from your priority chat list. Remember that unpinning a conversation doesn’t erase or delete the conversation. It just moves it back to the chat list, making sure it’s not visible.

Be aware of the importance of keeping your life well-organized and managing your conversations will allow you to navigate Snapchat more effectively.

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