how to remove a security tag at home

How to Remove a Security Tag at Home

Have you ever left a store only to realize you forgot to remove the security tag from your purchase? It’s a frustrating experience that can leave you stuck with a product you can’t use. While you might be tempted to return to the store, it’s not always convenient or feasible—especially if it’s a chain store and you don’t live nearby. Luckily, you can remove a security tag at home with just a few simple tools and techniques. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips and tricks to help you do just that!

Use a magnet

Security tags usually contain a small metal component that activates an alarm if it passes through a detector at the store exit. By using a strong magnet, you can deactivate the metal component and remove the tag. A neodymium magnet, also known as a rare earth magnet, is particularly effective for this purpose. Place the magnet on the side of the tag with the metal component and move it around until you hear a click, indicating that the deactivation is complete. Then, twist and pull the tag apart.

Freeze the tag

Some security tags contain a glass or plastic element that contains ink. If you try to remove the tag, the element will break and ink will spill all over your clothes. One way to prevent this is to freeze the tag. By freezing the ink element, it becomes brittle and less likely to break. Simply place the item with the security tag in a plastic bag, seal it, and put it in the freezer for an hour or two. Once frozen, use pliers or a screwdriver to pry the tag apart.

Cut the tag

If other methods fail, cutting the security tag might be your only option. Use a pair of wire cutters or pliers to cut through the metal component of the tag. Be careful not to cut yourself or damage the item you’re trying to remove the tag from. This method works best for hard or rigid tags that can’t be twisted or pulled apart.

Use a rubber band

Another way to remove a security tag is to use a rubber band. Place a rubber band around the pin that goes through the tag and twist it. The rubber band will create enough friction to allow you to twist and pull the tag apart. This method works best for soft tags that won’t break easily.

Seek professional help

If all else fails, consider taking the item to a professional who can remove the security tag for you. Some dry cleaners offer this service, as do professional tag removal services. It might cost you a little extra, but it’s a safer and more convenient option than trying to remove the tag yourself.


Removing a security tag yourself can save you time and hassle, but it’s important to be careful and use the right tools and techniques. Remember to never try to remove the tag with a knife, scissors, or any other sharp object that can injure you or damage the item. If you’re uncomfortable trying to remove the tag yourself, seek professional help. We hope these tips and tricks have helped you solve the frustrating problem of leaving the store with a security tag still on your purchase!

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