film that doesn’t make much money crossword clue

Film That Doesn’t Make Much Money: Crossword Clue


Cinema is a complex field it is not always easy to achieve financial success. Certain films fail to bring in substantial revenue in the theater, which results in losses for makers and the distributors. They are commonly called box office failures. If you’re doing a crossword and you need a clue for the film that didn’t earn enough profit, here are a few suggestions to consider:

1. Indie Films

Independent films, often referred to as indies, are usually made with small budgets and produced by independent production firms. While some indie films receive some critical acclaim, and a small financial success, most struggle to reach large audiences and earn significant box office revenues. Incorporating the word “indie film” as a crossword answer could be a suitable choice.

2. Cult Classics

Cult classic films have gathered fans who are passionate and dedicated audience over time, yet they might not have been a success commercially at the time of their release. They typically gain an audience through word-of-mouth and home video releases or even revival screenings. A film being referred to as a “cult classic” in your crossword game could refer to the film that did not make any money at first, however has enjoyed a substantial popularity.

3. Art House Films

Films called art house are renowned for their experimental, artistic or unorthodox storytelling techniques. They tend to appeal to specific audiences instead of aiming at mainstream success. Because of their lack of appeal, these films typically struggle to earn significant profits in the theater. The inclusion of “art house film” as an interword clue could indicate the film didn’t have substantial financial achievement.

4. Box Office Flops

The expression “box office flop” directly refers to a movie that fails to draw large audiences and generate anticipated revenue. They could have huge budgets for production, large promotional campaigns and even notable talents, but struggle to reach audiences. Utilizing “box office flop” as an example of a crossword word can indicate the film’s performance financially.

5. Direct-to-Video Releases

Certain films skip conventional theatrical release and instead go to digital or video platforms. Direct-to-video releases typically are less expensive to produce, have little marketing, and don’t have the publicity of theatrical releases. Therefore, they are unlikely to bring in significant revenues or get large amounts of public attention. The term “direct-to-video release” in your crossword could indicate a film that did not make a lot of money because of its distribution method.


If you’re trying to find the crossword answer for films that didn’t earn any money, alternatives like indie films or cult classics or art house films box office flops or direct-to-video releases are appropriate selections. These terms represent different features of the films which did not have a huge financial success in the theater. Make sure to think about the meaning of the crossword and choose the one which best matches the spaces available and crosswords.

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