Can we read garuda purana at home

Garuda Purana Reading at Home Is Possible?

Hinduism has a sacred scripture called the Garuda Purana that explores numerous facets of life, death, and the afterlife. It is renowned for its in-depth explanations of both the afterlife journey of the soul and the effects of one’s conduct. However, whether keeping the Purana at home is fortunate is sometimes questioned. In this essay, we’ll look at the several kinds of spirits the Garuda Purana talks about and explain why some people believe it should be kept in homes.

Hindu mythology’s Garuda Purana is a key work of enormous spiritual and cultural significance. Garuda, the heavenly bird and Vishnu’s chariot, is thought to have heard it from Lord Vishnu. Cosmology, astrology, medicine, and the nature of the soul are just a few of the many subjects covered in the Garuda Purana. This article will concentrate on the Purana’s applicability in a domestic environment and address the issues with having it at home.

Knowing the Different Soul Types according to garuda purana

The Garuda Purana claims that there are four different kinds of souls living on Earth. People who transcend ideas of good and evil make up the first category. These enlightened individuals, who are frequently referred to as saints or Mahatmas, have reached emancipation from the cycle of birth and death. They view everyone as equal and do not harbour any bias or animosity.

The second kind of souls have an equal propensity for good and evil. They too transcend the confines of this mortal existence and release themselves from the cycle of rebirth.

The third class of souls primarily display virtue and barely trace amounts of negativity. Similar to the third type, the fourth type of souls primarily exhibit negative traits, albeit with a faint hint of goodness. These people have a mix of positive and negative traits and lead typical lives.

The Garuda Purana’s Belief at Home

If keeping the Garuda Purana at home is unlucky is one question that frequently comes up. According to some, the Purana should only be read on specified occasions, including during funerals or ancestral ceremonies. This assumption, though, is founded on misinformation and superstition.

The Purana itself praises the benefits of hearing its ideas. The Purana has a guarantee that everyone who hears it or recite it would be freed from the suffering of the afterlife and enter heavenly abodes. It is a holy book that is regarded as good and able to grant its readers’ wishes.

The Garuda Purana can therefore be kept at home without being inherently unlucky. On the other hand, having this literature at home can be a source of blessings and spiritual direction.

Hearing the Garuda Purana’s ideas is praised by the text itself. Everyone who hears or recites the Garuda Purana is guaranteed to be released from the torment of the afterlife and enter heavenly abodes. It is a sacred book that is revered for being excellent and able to fulfil the aspirations of its readers.

Therefore, keeping the Purana at home is not necessarily bad luck. On the other hand, having this book at home may bring benefits and point you in the right direction spiritually.

The Garuda Purana also offers instructions on how to lead a wealthy and peaceful afterlife. In order to ensure the salvation of their dead ancestors, it defines the responsibilities of family members such sons and grandsons.

The Purana is a spiritual manual that provides understandings into the essence of life, death, and the everlasting soul.


Hindu mythology places a great deal of weight on the Garuda Purana, which illuminates profound spiritual truths. While some people might have reservations about keeping it at home, doing so is not inherently unlucky. On the other hand, having the Garuda Purana at home might bring benefits and spiritual guidance. It is a holy book that teaches knowledge and offers a way out of the endless cycle of birth and death.

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